This listing is for roughly 1 oz of organic, dried red clover blossoms. Red clover blossoms cand be used for tinctures, teas, and more.


Information on Red Clover Blossoms:

Latin: Trifolium Pratense

Planet(s): Mercury, Sun

Element(s): Air

Deity(s): Rowan, Triple Goddess, Babalu, Aye, Oshun, Venus

Sabbat(s): Litha

Chakra(s): Heart

Sign(s): Aries

Metaphysical Properties: Protection, Love, Abundance, Fertility, Exorcism, Success, Healing, Prosperity, Animal Blessings

Medicinal Properties: antispasmodic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, skin conditions, wounds, ulcers, menopause support


** Disclaimer: Even though medicinal properties are listed, please check with a certified herbalist and/or your doctor before using any alternative forms of medication **

Red Clover Blossom

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