Freja's Tears is carefully scented with the oils made from breaking down amber resin.  If you know your Norse mythology, you will understand the meaning behind the name. For those unfamiliar with the story, here is a breif summary: 

Freya had a husband named Odur (or Odr) with whom she had two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi, who were as beautiful as their mother and as charming as their father. Some say that Odur was the symbol of the summer sun, though there is some speculation on Odur’s identity. He is mentioned very briefly in a number of sources, but is rarely elaborated. It also doesn’t help that many of the Norse gods used multiple names. Though this is common in many mythologies, between varying translations and regional preferences, within the actual stories the Norse gods would purposely chose to use a different name. This choice was typically to disguise their identity so that they may make journeys and perform tasks incognito. So Odur might have been the summer sun, but he might also have been Odin, or Ottar, another lover of Freya’s.

Regardless of who Odur may have been, it is said that he would often go on long journeys. In Viking culture, being well traveled was very important, and those who had traveled many places were held in high regard. It was a way to gain wisdom from the world, which was a paramount goal for all, even Odin who made many sacrifices for it.

Despite this, Freya would lament the absence of her husband, for she loved him so deeply. She would sometimes wander the world, searching for Odur when he was gone too long from her. While Freya sought her husband, she would disguise herself and use different names, such as Syr or Horn. The tears she cried turned to gold when they fell upon the ground, while the tears of hers that fell into the sea turned to amber. **source: **


Candles are made with non-GMO soy wax with soy beans grown in the USA, fair trade shae butter, and vitamin E, thus making them lotion quality. Scents are essential oils, pure plant extracts, or natural food flavorings. 


Our container, packing material, and label are are eco-friendly and recyclable. Our products are vegan, kosher, and cruelty free.


Each candle is labeled with the product name, scent, and materials used to create the candle. As with all of our products, these are non-GMO, paraben free, vegan, kosher, and cruelty free.

Freja's Tears