One of the newest products that have been created! Lobo’s Lights is a blueberry scented (food flavoring) fizzy bath dust. It is colored with body safe mica powder and eco friendly, body safe glitter to resemble the #northernlights.

Proceeds from this product will be split 50/50 with the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, Inc.. The product will be on the website and available at events!


**these will be made to order to inusre freshness**

Fizzy Bath Dust - Lobo's Lights

SKU: fbd-LL
  • All orders are poured custom unless they are pulled from existing invenory. Please allow 3-5 days for shipping notification. We pour in small batches to insure scent combinations cure well. Should something happen to your candle during shipping (container broke, etc) please message us.  While we don't take returns, there are options for you to save and still use your candle (believe me we have tested these theories as we have accidentally broken a few ourselves).