This listing is for roughly 5 devil's snare seeds.  Seed will come with planting and harvesting instructions.


Information on Devil's Snare:

Latin:  Datura Stramonium
Planet(s): Moon, Jupiter

Element(s): Water

Deity(s): Shiva, Hestia

Sabbat(s): Samhain

Chakra(s): Third Eye, Crown

Sign(s): Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius

Metaphysical Properties: Psychic Flight/Transformation, Prophecy, Protection, Astral Travel, Love, Divination, Hex/Break Hex

Medicinal Properties: antispasmodic, anti dandruff, antiasthmatic, anti-inflammatory


** Disclaimer: Even though medicinal properties are listed, please check with a certified herbalist and/or your doctor before using any alternative forms of medication **

Devil's Snare Seeds