This listing is for roughly 1 oz of organic, dried chamomile flowers.  Chamomile can be used for making teas and relaxing baths and more.


Informaton on Chamomile:

Latin:  Chamaemelum Nobile

Planet(s): Sun, Jupiter

Element(s): Water

Deity(s): Ra, Cernunnos, Lugh, Apollo

Sabbat(s): Lammas

Chakra(s): Throat

Sign(s): Leo

Metaphysical Properties: Money, Abundance, Love, Purification, Meditation

Medicinal Properties: sleep aid, teething stress, colic, anti-anxiety, insomnia, muscle relaxer, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, IBS, nausea, skin conditions


** Disclaimer: Even though medicinal properties are listed, please check with a certified herbalist and/or your doctor before using any alternative forms of medication **

Chamomile Flowers

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