Mångata Grove

Mångata Grove set up at an outdoor event

Mångata Grove was created after several months of brainstorming, talking, researching, and planning in late 2012 and became a reality in 2013 under the name Wicked Wicc 'N Candles, we have since rebranded and that included the name change in September 2019. The plan was to create a product that contained both all natural wax and oils or plant extracts into a product that could enjoyed by individuals that have the same allergies and/or lung issues as Julia.  The choice for our products was both simple and logical. A great quality, natural product that could be used for more than just a candle.  We have also added wood crafts, dried herbs, salts, loose incense blends, loose tea blends, and more. 

Julia - Owner/Artisan

Julia in her workspace with candles and herbs

Julia loves to travel and learn new things. She is a mother, animal lover (Frank and I have a Wolfdog -Togo and two Schipperkes - Captain's Kentucky Sundown aka Naykidd and Captainette's Kentucky Rare Bird, aka Miss Afreyad), photographer, cook, gardener, herbalist, and overall lover of the outdoors and nature. She is the chandler, owner, artisan, researcher, and do social media and website updates, and soon to be author (What?! Crazy, right?) She is also one of the artisans behind the other products we carry and I put a great deal of love and energy it to every product. 

Sam and Alex of Artsy Twyns Studios

Sam (he/they) and Alex (they/them)

Julia's children, are our movers, shakers, and artisans in training. They have also been helping in the main part of the candles, herbs, and with the new products. They are also the creative masters of Artsy Twyns Studio. Where they will be sharing and selling their original artwork, kandie creations, and more as they continue to create!


Frank in the rickhouse at Wild Turkey Distillery

Frank has been helping with the events and the candles since 2017. He helps with set up, tear down, and will man the booth if Julia needs to step away for a few minutes. Frank has also been helping with the creating of the candles and the introduction of some of the newer products that have happened in 2018.  He has been a wonderful assistant and 'candle chef'! Frank and Julia have known each other and been friends since 2003 and life enabled their paths to cross again and they have been together since March 2017.