Mångata Grove


Mångata Grove, formerly Wicked Wicc 'N Candles, was created after several months of brainstorming, talking, researching, and planning in late 2012 and became a reality in 2013. The plan was to create a product that contained both all natural wax and essential oils or plant extracts into a product that could enjoyed by individuals that have the same allergies and/or lung issues as Julia.  The choice for our products was both simple and logical. A great quality, natural product that could be used for more than just a candle.  We have also added wood burning crafts, dried herbs, salts, and seeds.  

New ideas are always churning so stay turned for what could come next!

Julia - Owner/Artisan


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I love to travel and learn new things. I am a widow, mother, animal lover (I have an Alusky [Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix] -Togo and 

Schipperke - Captain's Kentucky Sundown aka Naykidd), photographer, cook, garden, and overall lover of the outdoors and nature. I am the candle maker, owner, artisan, researcher, and do social media and website updates.  I am also the artisan behind the other products we have and I put a great deal of love and energy it to every product. It was with the support of Fred, that made this brainstorming idea a reality. 



It is with a heavy heart and extreme sadness that I, Julia, share this with you:

Fred's light and energy will be missed as he passed to the Summerlands on April 2, 2016 at 3:15pm.  There are no words that can express how deeply saddened the girls and I truly are.  He always came off as rough around the edges, but he also was one heck of a salesman!  While we miss him at events, he is never far! Fred will always be apart of this and be forever present in all that we do.  

Frederick T. Wallace Sept 3, 1969 to April 2, 2016. 

** Fred's spirit is with us and travels with us to events in the form of a teddy-bear wearing the Wallace tartan kilt. **

Savannah and Alexanderia


Savannah and Alexanderia, my daughters, are our little movers, shakers, and artisans in training. They work hard to turn out and package our lotion wax tart melt line (available in our web store) after Julia pours them and they setup. They have also been helping in the main part of the candles and with the new products that are joining. They came up with the packaging idea and scent 

names for our Harry Potter themed candles. They'll meander about events and pass out business cards to attendees and other vendors alike.  These two have also been working on their own business idea! Keep your eyes open to see what they have come up with!



You will also see Frank traveling with us now! He has been helping with the events and the candles since 

2017. He helps with set up, tear down, and will man the 

booth if Julia needs to step away for a few minutes. Frank has also been helping with the creating of the candles and the introduction of some of the newer products that have happened in 2018.  He has been a wonderful assistant and 'candle chef'! Frank and Julia have known each other and been friends since 2003 and life enabled their paths to cross again and they have been together since March 2017.



Bryan helps at larger events with setup and tear down of our displays and booth. He also will help with some of the candle labeling during the creative process.  Sometimes you can even catch him in action at events helping with sales and stocking. He loves the outdoors and spends a 

great deal of time fishing and counting' deer (it has been roughly 4+ years since he has put on in the freezer) with his daughter, Julia, and both of his granddaughters.  He is  also the co-owner and main handler of our Alusky, 

Togo.  Bryan is hearing impaired, but has never let that slow him down or stop him from doing the things that he enjoys most!  He spent many years working as an electrician and working in a local metal fabricating factory, from which he retired in March of 2013.



Our trusty spokes dog, Togo (pronounced: Tahgo). Togo is an Alusky (Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix), and is our trusted four legged companion. Togo is a service dog, and attends many of our shows as the health aid (diabetic, hearing, blind, PTSD, COPD, mobility, emotional support, just to name a few) and somewhat serves 

as an attraction himself because patrons are always asking wonderful questions about him.

Captain's Kentucky Sundown (a.k.a. Naykidd)


Meet the newest member of our pack! Captain Kentucky Sundown (a.k.a Naykidd, yes you read that correctly).  Naykidd is a pure bred, AKC Schipperke.  He is just a mere pup, but he has already won the hearts of many! He has been traveling with us pretty much daily and to events since we brought him home on Mother's Day 2019!  Both he and Togo will be at some events. As he continues to grow and learn, we will update his bio!