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Black Henbane Seeds


Black Henbane: ** Do Not Consume Raw ** Mix with Oils or Salves** Use Very Sparingly**

Latin: Hyoscyamus Niger

Planet(s): Saturn, Jupiter

Element(s): Water

Deity(s): Hekate, Zeus, Odin, Donar

Sabbat(s): Samhain

Chakra(s): Crown, Heart, Root

Sign(s): Capricorn

Metaphysical Properties: Love, Wisdom, Coserating Ceremonial Vessels, Attracts Hares, Bring Rain, Summon Spirits of Relatives, Induce Delirium, Psychic Awareness

Medicinal Properties: antispasmodic, hallucinogenic, hypnotic, narcotic, sedative, painkiller, asthma, whooping cough, motion sickness, epilepsy, toothache, repellent

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