Spring is in the air

Posted by Mångata Grove on March 13, 2015 at 9:25 PM


I can definitely tell spring is in the air. I mean anytime the weather goes above 45-50 degrees, I want to be outside in my bare feet playing in the dirt and working in my garden and flowerbeds. Today was no exception... but it was raining... and it was a cold rain. That led to no playing in the dirt today. It didn't stop me completely though. I have started to work on the lay out for planting this year’s garden and I have started seeds in the card board egg cartons. Hey it beats paying for those Jiffy pods (which I don't like all that much to begin with). I also have garlic starting in the fridge! Never had that happen before, yes this was completely by accident; my garlic (which was already separated into individual cloves) has sprouted shoots and roots! I knew it like dark cool places, but this is a first for me!


I seeds I have started are my green beans, the multitude of different tomato seeds that I saved from last year (we had almost 20 different types). I will also be starting my sugar snap peas. Peppers and herbs will also be started. Fred wonders why I save all the card board egg cartons... well it is either to start seeds or to go to the local farmer where we sometimes purchase farm fresh eggs. Either way they get reused (sometime... multiple times).


I will also be working on reviving my rose seeds (about 25 different varieties). Fingers crossed that they will take hold and grow as they have had an entire year and a winter to get back on track. I have NEVER started roses from seeds before... I usually get a new bush or two every year. I wanted to be daring and try something different and give roses from seeds a shot. I will update if I see growth from them this year... if not, I will go back to getting them as bushes... however even with bushes and enough cross pollination, they do change scent and color.


Spring day are coming and that means spring cleaning of the outside gardens and flower beds along with getting the buidling projects done.  Pictures and updates of the plants and their progress will come throughout the year.

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