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Upcoming Events Mångata Grove Will Be Vending & Exciting Product Updates:

Watch for exciting announcements and changes coming in September 2019!! Triway Music Boosters Fall Craft Show: Triway High School, Wooster OH: October 19,2019 Bitchcraft Columbus: Makoy Center, Hillard, OH: October 27, 2019 Psychic Fair and Gem Show: Meedville Downtown Mall, Meadville, PA: November 3, 2019 Check Back For Upcoming Events and Exciting Product Updates

We are pleased to announce that we have the

  Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, Inc as our Animal Charity.  A product line 

will be introduced where proceeds will be split 50/50 with them!  We have 

met the caretakers and the wolf dogs!  We look forward to working with 

and helping the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary!

Mångata Grove, formerly Wicked Wicc 'N Candles, products are made and poured in our Grove.  We use all natural products and ingredients in our candles, no chemicals, dyes, or bi-products are ever used.  Our wax is organic, GMO-free, grown here in the USA, and is Vegan and Kosher friendly! Our shea butter is also organic, GMO-free, fair trade, and Vegan and Kosher friendly!  All candles are blended to have a pleasant scent throw and are formulated to be a high quality lotion candle.  Our candles are clean burning and long lasting they are great when lit, on a warming plate, or in a wax warmer. Our wicks are a natural hemp fiber wick with zero beeswax, zinc, or other chemical core or coating, and a recyclable aluminum wick tab. All material and ingredients used are cruelty free!  From our containers to our lids and packaging, everything can be upcycled or recycled!  

We love and take pride in creating a product that we can share with others! We use essential oils and not fragrance oils because Julia, Mångata Grove's owner and artisan, loves candles, but due to health issues (lungs), she cannot handle the fragrances. Essential oils, extracts, and flavorings have made it possible for her and others to enjoy the scent of candles without the allergic side effects of the fragrance scents.

Mångata Grove's owner and artisan is a candle maker by trade, and also offers other selected crafts and products as the Muse permits.  You will also find a selection of other handmade crafts and photography prints (images captured by Julia) and organic herbs/resins/salts/seeds, themed candles, and more!

If you have a custom order or creation you would like us to make or blend for you, events you would like to see us at, or you are interested in setting up a wholesale account with us, please feel free to Contact Us!

Our Products:

10 oz Main Candle Line
(30+ scents)

7oz - Little "Light" Music Line

A Little "Light" Music Line

7oz - "Light" & Relaxation Line

"Light" and Relaxation Line

Harry Potter Locations and Potions Themed Candles

Harry Potter Themed Candles

Spirit Animal Photography
Captured By Julia

Spirit Animal Photography

Wood burned 8.5x11 boxes

Wood Burned Boxes

Products who's proceeds are split with the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, Inc.

Wheel of the Year Sabbat Candles

Wheel of the Year Candles

Candle Maker's Reserve Line

The Candle Maker's Reserve Line

Wax Melts

Wax Warmer Wax Melts

Hogwarts Houses Themed Fizzy Bath Dust

Coffee and Tea House Line:
Coffee Scented Candles

Coffee and Tea House Line

Coffee and Tea House Line:
Tea Scented Candles

Coffee and Tea House Line

Organic Dried Herbs, Salts, Resins, Seeds, and Smudge Sticks

Organic Dried Herbs

Gemstone Roller and Spray Oils

Gemstone Roller Oils

Crystal Grids

Outdoor and Indoor Event Setup:

Sample of Outdoor Event Setup
Sample of Indoor Event Setup